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Please carefully read the following information about the use of cookies before navigating our website. It is recommended to check the following information every time you are visiting the website, in case there have been changes since your last visit.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files containing information packets that are stored on your computer or mobile device every time you are using a browser to visit a website. On your subsequent visits, your browser will send these cookies back to the website that set them or another website. Cookies allow websites to remember some information to allow you an easier and quicker navigation.

There are two main types of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are automatically deleted from your computer when you close your browser. Persistent cookies are stored on your computer unless you delete them or they reach their expiration date.

Cookies used on this site

On the website the following cookies are used for the following purposes:



The PHPSESSID cookie is native to PHP and enables websites to store serialized state data. On our website it is used to establish a user session and to pass state data via a temporary cookie which is commonly referred to as a session cookie. As the PHPSESSID cookie has no timed expiry, it disappears when the client is closed.

It expires at the end of the browsing session.


Third-party cookies

PayPal is a payment service provided by PayPal Inc., which allows the User to make online payments using their PayPal credentials.
Personal data collected: Various types of data as specified by the privacy policy of the service.
Privacy Policy Paypal:

PYPF PayPal PayPal uses cookies to recognize its clients and reduce the time required for the user to access the PayPal account by checking the presence of the user’s email in their database.


Data processing

Data are processed with automated devices by the Data Controller and will not be disclosed or communicated.

Provision of data

Except for technical cookies, which are strictly necessary for the site to function, the provision of data is left to the will of the person who decides to browse the site after reading the information contained in the specific banner and/or to use the services involving the installation of cookies.

Users may prevent the installation of cookies through the special features available on their browser.

Disabling cookies

– Without prejudice to the paragraph about cookies that are strictly necessary for the operation of the site, users can delete the other cookies through the specific feature that has been made available by the Data Controller through this information note, or directly through the browser used.

Each browser has different procedures to manage settings. Specific instructions can be found at the link below.

Microsoft Windows Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

– Disabling third-party cookies is also possible through the procedures made available by the third-party company controlling such data, as indicated at the links in the “third-party cookies” paragraph.

– For further information about the cookies stored on your terminal, and to disable them individually, please visit the link: